Are Neural Networks the next Metatrader Forex trading platforms?

neural network meta tradingWith the hugely anticipated release of Leo Trader Pro, Dec 16th 2010, the first home user automatic trading robot to utilize Neural Network technology in a consumer (public) affordable trading robot, neural network trading for home online users loks to be about to take off and become the latest technique in the ever growing world of automatic online trading tools. Although Leo Trader Pro is the first trading robot designed and made for the public, Neural network trading has been going on for years behind the scenes in the big trading house around the globe. While it never made the news most traders who were serious traders knew of its existence.

As huge as forex trading robots have become over the last 5 years thanks to Metatrader Forex trading platforms, they seem to be about to take a back seat to this new neural trading technology. The only reason this has not taken off already is because there were no neural network intergrated trading robots that were in the affordable range of the average home traders. This technology while used by most large brokers and pro traders was not really in the price range of your average trader. There were also questions about the best way to make it usable by all. One approach to developing neural network trading models was to first train the neural network to predict the value of the closing price of some asset one or more days into the future. An entry/exit (i.e. buy or sell) decision can then be made on the basis of this prediction. This section describes an alternative approach that does not attempt exact numeric prediction of the asset value, but rather, attempts to recognize patterns in the input data that can provide clues as to the optimal points to make buy or sell decisions. Well someone finanlly got it right and Leo Trader Pro is launching in a few days, first to capture and contain a viable neural network trading utility.

Independent studies have shown that the best neural network solutions predicted the direction of the market (up or down) with somewhere around 80% Accuracy. Used together with trading rules those Neural Network solutions gave way to experimental trading systems that outperformed the SP500 or Dow by 2-3% annually. Leo Trader Pro is the first Forex Trading robot to offer this to the Average online trader.

I am sure to many of you this all sounds like greek or some other language that is hard to understand so I will put it to you simply. A working neural network trading robot will be able to predict the market much better than the current technology being used by the kings of the affordable forex robots that are ruling the market as I write this. I beleive that those robots will go the way of the CB Radio after the invention and price reduction of the cellphone. Just as color television made black and white television obsolete, if Leo Trader Pro delivers on its claims and December 16th rolls around and this robot actually does what it says... There will be a new trading robot in town and all the previously released forex trading robots and systems will be just so much usunsed software.

So my advice to any trader reading this is to navigate to the Leo Trader Pro and see what they have to say about their product. If you have entered this website through the home page then you know that I never review or even mention commercial forex trading robots, I only review the high end premium trading resources. For you to be reading an article on my website about a forex trading robot or system that costs less than $1000, Leo Trader will be in the $100 to $150 range, then it must have really caught my eye. And the fact that they are using a live account and giving any interested the log in credentials to see for themselves is mind blowing. I have never seen a launch like this, and I have seen plenty. Oh yea and the picture above is Leo Trader Pro at the biggest forex convention, the traders expo. Had to show this image because I have never seen a forex robot incorporate this into a launch. I apologize for the lack of space between the image and words, I am not a programer.

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